Thursday, August 26, 2010

Indian Market Weekend

What would a blog about Santa Fe be without a post on Indian Market weekend. Many locals have a love hate relationship with the eighty-eight year old Native Arts show. The reason being in a good year our population doubles for a week. The wide open spaces get a bit snug. We may actually have some traffic, and maybe have to wait for a table at our favorite restaurant. For me this is a small price to pay to have the largest gathering of indigenous peoples art right in my backyard.

For me, Market kicked off Thursday night on the Plaza. Every gallery and shop was hosting an artist reception and party. On the Santa Fe Bandstand, Micky Free and American Horse was rockin the house.

Friday night we walked out my door and headed over to Canyon Road. With this being the biggest art weekend of the year in Santa Fe, every gallery had openings, and special happenings. One of my favorites was the Chiaroscuro Gallery complex. We happened to be there just as a blessing was being offered by one of the native artists. Those present where touched, and reminded of the roots of the great work being presented.

Outside in the courtyard Yatika Fields, and Rose Simpson where painting to the delight of a very appreciative crowd.

My friend and continued our stroll to the top of Canyon Road, and miracle of miracles, got a street side table at El Farol. For non-locals, El Farol is the oldest restaurant and bar in Santa Fe. So much for waiting for a table at your favorite restaurant. El Farol is a Santa Fe institution, always great for music, people watching, and scrumptious tapas.

It was a magical Santa Fe night as we walked home in the moonlight.

The next morning I was up early, and happy to be among the throngs Saturday as the weather cooperated to make it a spectacular day. Because I was early the booths and tables where to crowded to get shots of  some of my favorite works.

I did get close enough to fall in love with this Tuscarora Beadwork from the Tuscarora Nation on the east coast. Very different from the traditional beadwork, something we don't have the opportunity to see in the southwest.

Summer Spaces,Summer's Traces

Thursday's response for the August Call to Creatives  theme ~ Summer Spaces, Summer's Traces

This spectacular photo is submited by Santa Fe photographer, and lover of beauty Paul Cutright.

This is my response for Summer Spaces, Summer's Traces this Thursday.
I was amazed that the colors of the banner came through in the shadows on my adobe wall.

Now it is time for your response. Anything goes: art, journal pages, haiku..have fun.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August Call to Creatives~~ Summer Spaces, Summer's Traces

Summer Spaces, Summer's Traces ~ Theme for August

It is time for the August Call to Creatives theme for the month. Actually it is past time, but since today is the day I get the word out that I am here, hopefully no one will be any worse for the wait.
Here in Northern New Mexico the summer of 2010 has been the most beautiful I have ever experienced. Exquisite clear blue skies, and generous monsoonal rains keeping it green, and cool in my corner of town. August is high season in the City Different, with everyones date book full of outings, gatherings, and events. With so much going on this summer has inspired me to slow down
 as things speed up, soon enough there will just be traces of a summer past.

Here are two of my Summer Spaces, Summer's Traces journal pages I created in my
Memories and Reflections book I made from an online class with Kelly Kilmer.

I invite you to participate in the August Call to Creatives .
 Every Thursday I will be posting your submissions.
Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Taos Sunday

Last Sunday I had the joy of sharing some of my favorite Taos spots with a girlfriend who had not been there in a decade. I packed some snacks, grabed the camera and headed out. We had a spectacular NM day with skies even more sparkling blue than usual. Our first stop was the Mabel Dodge Luhan House. It is one of my my secret lets keep this between us.

If you are unfamiliar with Mabel Dodge Luhan you may be unaware that she was instrumental in introducing New Mexico to some of the greatest creative talents of the early 20th century. Salon hostess, art patroness, writer, and larger than life character, Mabel's was home and haven to the likes of  Georgia O’Keeffe, D.H. Lawrence, Ansel Adams, Martha Graham and Carl Jung, among many other notables.
 Every time I step though the doorway to the main house it never fails to thrill me with thoughts of those that came before.

Still very much alive with creative energy, the house and conference center offers workshops on mixed media journaling, writing, photography, painting and much more.
 And oh yes, let's not forget to mention a ghost or two. A story, a ghost story for another time..

On the same Cottonwood sheltered hill, and next door to Mabel's is 

The lush green grounds are a feast for the eyes..

 and treat for the desert weary traveler.

After a relaxing lunch, and some fun shopping
 (which will have to be a separate post since I took so many photos)
 we ended our day exploring what was new at El Monte Sagrado
I love the grounds, decor and the art..especially the amazing glass art by Susan Gott.

and the work of Ed Sandoval

Heading out of town we caught the Rancho de Taos church (which has been painted and photographed by everyone and their brother) with some great lighting.
The soft, and sensuous, newly adobed walls where to much to resist.

Leaving Taos behind, it bid us adios with not one, but two rainbows to send us sweetly on our way.