Sunday, June 27, 2010

Garage Sailing

Saturday's are all about that favorite Santa Fe pastime Garage Sailing.
If I am not hosting a retreat or workshop, Saturday mornings will find me up, and out early. Intent on finding that "sucha deal" I will have started my preparation the day before. Carefully perusing Craigslist and the New Mexican I plan the route, letting my intuition be my guide. I set sail for myself and my friends, they know to put requests in for that special something for me to be on the look out.
 I must say yesterday was a banner garage/estate sale day even by Santa Fe standards.

My first stop was an estate sale which held me hostage for almost 2 hours.
It was the last day of the sale and everything was half off.
Great finds included a mola, an Indian tablecloth, 3 rugs,
 and an amazing photography book "The Pleasure of Ruins"

 Sweet vintage children's books at such a good price I am embarrassed to say.

Fun finds for visual journaling.

All things considered I was a good girl.
I left many, many treasures for others to give a good home.