Sunday, June 27, 2010

Garage Sailing

Saturday's are all about that favorite Santa Fe pastime Garage Sailing.
If I am not hosting a retreat or workshop, Saturday mornings will find me up, and out early. Intent on finding that "sucha deal" I will have started my preparation the day before. Carefully perusing Craigslist and the New Mexican I plan the route, letting my intuition be my guide. I set sail for myself and my friends, they know to put requests in for that special something for me to be on the look out.
 I must say yesterday was a banner garage/estate sale day even by Santa Fe standards.

My first stop was an estate sale which held me hostage for almost 2 hours.
It was the last day of the sale and everything was half off.
Great finds included a mola, an Indian tablecloth, 3 rugs,
 and an amazing photography book "The Pleasure of Ruins"

 Sweet vintage children's books at such a good price I am embarrassed to say.

Fun finds for visual journaling.

All things considered I was a good girl.
I left many, many treasures for others to give a good home.

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  1. Kris, I love your finds. How spectacular! The fabrics are beautiful and the childrens books are amazing. I have found some vintage food magazine adds that are really cool. Have framed two of them so far and hope to do the rest soon. Not really easy to find here. Want to find some smaller adds for a journal if I try it. Garage saleing around here is not so good. It was great in Longwood area lots of vintage shops near by with some great finds. Think you would like my magazine adds. Will try to post some photos of the adds soon.