Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friday night with Frida and Diego

Another fabulous Friday night of gallery openings was on hand for denizens of the City Different.
At the top of my list was the “Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera by Eminent Photographers.” opening at the Webster Collection. The superb contemporary Spanish colonial gallery space above the plaza with persimmon, and Frida blue walls, created the perfect atmosphere to view dozens of rare photographs of the iconic artists. To see these photographs in person was to experience the essence—or at least some hint—of the great drama and tragedy of this most famous Mexican couple.
Generally I find black and white photography most interesting, but with Frida its all about color.
I was fascinated to see in detail the live flowers, fuchsia, lantana, and bougainvillea in her hair pieces.

I was surprised to read in the gallery info "that Frida spent time in Santa Fe, a city she much enjoyed" That is the first time I have heard that, so I would like to research, and find out more.