Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Two in Truchas

Its all about the light in September in Northern New Mexico.
When a dear friend visited from California recently we took to the High Road to Taos,
 and the enchanted little town of Truchas.

We spent a magical afternoon.. of which I will write more in my next post.

Thrilled to find a collection of wonderful hand made leather journals, we where inspired to gift each other, and start a collaborative journal. I had been thinking this would be a great way to stay creatively connected. The plan is to play in the journal for a month or so, and then
 send it on its way... back and forth between California, and New Mexico it will journey.

We went home that night, and started right away with a few pages.

We had a blast committing to paper our experiences of the day.

More to come on our adventures in paradise.